Catalyst Handling

Almuzain has extensive experience in executing catalyst projects efficiently and safely.

ALMUZAIN have extensive experience in executing catalyst handling projects efficiently and safely.

ALMUZAIN's expertise in catalyst handling services includes a range of activities such as initial loading and unloading of catalyst in various reactors, including Continuous Catalytic Regeneration (CCR) Reactors, Reformers, Molecular Sieve Dryers, Primary and Secondary Reformers, Vacuum Towers, Resin Replacement, and other equipment.

ALMUZAIN's offers pre-mixing, unloading, and loading services of CATOFIN Reactors in MTBE & PDH plants, experienced in handling Tubular Reactors (EO/EG), Screening and Segregating Catalyst and Inert materials based on their density.

ALMUZAIN provides services for unloading, screening, and loading of catalyst under normal and inert atmospheres, which is necessary for the safe handling of sensitive and hazardous materials.

ALMUZAIN’s expertise in catalyst handling services ensures that the clients' equipment operates efficiently, with minimal downtime. Moreover, ALMUZAIN's services comply with the highest safety and environmental standards, ensuring that the clients' operations are sustainable and meet the regulatory requirements.

Our specialization include:

  • Initial Loading and unloading/loading of Catalyst in Reactors, Dryers, Reformers, Continuous Catalytic Regeneration (CCR) Reactors, Naptha / Platformer / Hydrocracker / LTS & HTS Converters / Molecular Sieve Dryers / Primary Reformers (UNIDENSE/UNILOADER Loading Technology) / Secondary Reformers and Vacuum Towers.
  • Pre-mixing, Unloading & Loading of Catofin Reactors in MTBE & PDH Plants
  • Unloading and Loading of Tubular Reactors (EO/EG)
  • Screening & Segregation of Catalyst and Inert Materials (Density Segregation)
  • Unloading, Screening and Loading of Catalyst in various Reactors under Normal and Inert Atmosphere.

Catofin Reactors Catalyst Replacement

HOFCC Converter

CCR Regeneration Tower Dome Removal - For Inspection/Repair

CCR Regeneration Tower- Catalyst Replacement.

DHT/HCK Reactor Catalyst Replacement

Chunk/Polymer Removal Under Inert Atmosphere Using Breathing Apparatus.

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