Specialized Welding Services

Specialized Welding Services

Lip Seal & Diaphragm Cutting and Welding – To cater this very critical activity, ALMUZAIN over the years have developed special tools and purpose-built machines, grinders, fixtures for overcoming the space constraint and special Tig torches for the welding.

Heavy Wall Thickness Pipe Welding – ALMUZAIN provides very specialized solution in this field with an innovation to use the cold cut (pipe cutting machines) capable of cutting and bevelling (different type of grooves), pre-heating/dehydrogenation (heat treatment), special grade weld metal and post-weld heat treatment offered as part of our in-house capability covering the entire scope as per the quality and code requirements.

Reformer/Furnace Tube-Welding - Reformer / Furnace coil replacement with special fixture & rigging arrangement, various complicated welding metallurgy.

Reactor Screen welding: CCR / Regeneration Screen replacement - ALMUZAIN have experience and have successfully executed CCR/Regeneration replacement including screen fabrication and field installation.

Urea Grade Welding / Reactor Replacement and Welding works - ALMUZAIN have experience and have successfully executed urea reactor replacement / revamp including urea grade welding.

ASME “U”/ NBIC “R” & ASME “S” stamp welding - Successfully manufactured and delivered pressure vessels to clients, “R” Stamp Pressure Vessel Repair, Boiler Fabrication and Repair, Exchanger Tube, Tube Sheet and Partition Plate Repair / Replacement.

Column internal shell lining, nozzle replacement and TSR replacement.

Storage Tank shell bottom plate / annular plate repair / replacement.

Fin Fan Cooler Tube Welding - Onsite using special automatic welding machine

CATOFIN Reactor, shell repair and replacement, liner repair and replacement.

Ammonia Converter internal parts replacement (Vertical and horizontal reactors) including interchanger, internal screen and collector.

Ground Flare complete maintenance and replacement including burner maintenance and replacement.

Waste Heat Boiler Coil / HARP Replacement including headers and burners revamp.

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